Arles 2017 · Paisagem estranha entranha

Paisagem estranha entranha · 2017 · Multimedia & Exhibition Project · Festival Voies Off · Arles

We are pleased to announce that Paisagem estranha entranha (2012) will have a new instalment of the series in Arles part of the Festival Voies Off 2017 as a multimedia and wall exhibition.

Paisagem estranha entranha 2017 has its tectonic base in landscape photography, a genre undergoing an accelerating fragmentation process in contemporary photographic practice, this is therefore the thrust of the project show.

The multimedia component presents the work of five photographers alongside the soundscapes produced by four musicians:
Freya Najade (De/UK) [photographs] / Jenny Sansom [music] - Along the Hackney Canal, 6’01”
Julie Hascoët (Fr) [photographs] / Chris Scott Moskovich [music] - La Hora de la Verdad, 3’10”
Anne Holmes (Fr/USA) [photographs] / Pedro G. Marques aka Dead by Request [music] - Color me Night, 5’13” |
# José Bacelar (Pt) [photographs] / Pedro G. Marques aka Dead by Request [music] - Mirror of Heaven, 4’33
# Leonardo Wen (Br) [photographs] / Mark Van Hoen aka Locust [music] - Metabrasilia, 4’51” |

The so called “curators” are “peers” of the works projected, “indexing” the work shown;  they show their own work, a hardcore curatorship statement, on the Van Gogh Wall (corner of Place Voltaire with Rue Portagnel) -  Armando Ribeiro (Pt/UK) and Miguel Proença (Pt). The project will also include a series of parallel activities with details to be announced in situ.

Venue: pcf building, Place Voltaire, Arles
Opens: July 2 (Sunday) at 18.00, 10.00 to 21.00 daily

l'atelier cinq · corinne dumas · photographie & multimedia · Arles 2017

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